Hello! My name is Melinda, and I love picture books. I’ve always loved them. I can dream my way back to clear memories of the public library, when I was so little that the book shelves in the children’s section were taller than I was. Books as far as the eye could see, colored metal step stools you could sit on, crinkly plastic covers on all the books and the crinkly plastic sound they made. I loved the strong thump I heard when the librarian stamped a due date on the card inside the back of the book. I wanted her stamp and her stamping job. I still do.

Not all childhood dreams come true, but some do! I grew up, went to college, earned a master’s degree in English literature, and became (among other things) an author (you can see my books here). I love writing books, but I still love writing ABOUT books, too. The more I see of the world, the more I think that many of the most important books are the ones with pictures in them.

Therefore, this blog. There are layers in every story – echoes, patterns, associations, interpretations, and all the jumbled assortment of understandings that the reader brings and the author could never have imagined. I love reading for layers and talking about them. And I love supporting people who do what I do and love what I love – people who write books.

So here I am. Writing about picture books.